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The articles in each issue of KINDLING address themes which are of interest to those working or living with the child under seven. Many of them, although burning issues of the time, are relevant not only for the specific time they are written, but relevant generally and the content does not date.

The articles are generously written for KINDLING (no fee involved) by those working within the field of Steiner Waldorf early childhood education and care, or by those working out of Steiner’s anthroposophical initiatives and ideals. Doctors, farmers, nutritionalists, teachers, home child carers, academics, artists etc. and also those working outside of the Waldorf world, but with sympathetic ideals.

Their articles are a gift to you, as is KINDLING which is produced and published with love and care and hard work freely and without benefit. 

Any profit from KINDLING goes to help projects funded by the international early childhood association IASWECE who fund training for Waldorf early childhood teachers and provide mentors in projects around the world.

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