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BUILDING BRIDGES: Thresholds, Connections and Transitions.

This issue no. 44 was published in October 2023, and once again connected to a burning theme of the time. We all know how important building bridges are – for healing, peace, community, and each other. The articles in this issue are moving, personal, heartfelt and inspiring, and cover many subjects within the theme.

At the time of putting together this publication, my latest grandchild was born. He is a rainbow baby (the name given to a child who is born after a pregnancy loss) and what better image for this issue than a rainbow, the first bridge we cross to our birth on this earth.

Other bridges are built from one place or mood to another; of growth and change; in our attitudes, our beliefs; physically and in our Selves. The thresholds we cross in our lives are many – to birth and back to the heavenly world; to sleep or waking; endings and new beginnings, loss and awakening. And the connections we build – to parents, colleagues, the children, the world, to stories and through puppet plays. All these themes are covered in this issue.

The crafts, puppet plays, Adventure circles and stories are fascinating and creative, and there are also some apple recipes included – also book reviews on educational subjects, and for children.

We are so grateful to our authors who share their articles freely through KINDLING.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue as much as I did! Place your order here.

NEXT ISSUE – due April 2024

Our next Issue 45, due out in April, will be concerned with another burning theme of our time – The wellbeing of our children and ourselves. In these difficult times we need to find ways to help children overcome or build resilience to trauma and adversity.  Well – Being (meaning being well in your ‘Self’) is the theme of this issue. There are articles on healing trauma, overcoming adversity, and building resilience.

The articles cover subjects such as ‘Agitation, anxiety and a disturbed sense of life’‘Hope, a tonic for the future’, ‘Recovery through the arts, Ideas for ourselves and the children’, ‘Protecting children from the hidden hazards of modern technology’, ‘ How collaborative work with our colleagues enhances our overall wellbeing’, and more….

I hope you find this helpful and healing. With warm greetings to you, Janni.