Issue 36

Issue 36

Early Childhood Pioneers/Waldorf 100 Edition

This issue of KINDLING recognises and honours those pioneers, inspirers and innovators associated with the Steiner Waldorf early childhood movement. It was published as a 100th anniversary issue for Waldorf 100, celebrating 100 years since the establishment of the first Waldorf school.

It looks at the pioneers, from Steiner’s first encounter with Margaret McMillan in England, followed by Elisabeth Grunelius and Klara Hatterman who were the pioneer kindergarten teachers spreading from Germany throughout the world.

Others who contributed to our understanding of our pedagogy and the child since then were honoured, including many from the UK such as Margret Meyerkort and Joan Almon from the USA.

Included are many stories, songs, puppet plays and more from old and new pioneers.

Available black and white PDF.